Announcing Metricon 1.0

Announcing Metricon 1.0

March 30, 2006

At this year’s RSA show, a decent portion of the securitymetrics mailing list (about 30 people) convened for lunch. I enjoyed meeting my colleagues immensely, and I received good feedback from others who attended.

One thing everyone agreed on is there is enough activity in the security metrics area to merit convening the group a bit more formally. Thus, I am pleased to announce Metricon 1.0, the first-ever convention devoted exclusively to security metrics.

Metricon 1.0 will be held in Vancouver on August 1, 2006. The program chair is Pete Lindstrom. The program committee includes me and Dan Geer, who managed to persuade the USENIX folks to allow us to attach Metricon 1.0 to their own gathering.

We will publish more details shortly, along with a Call for Participation.

Mark your calendars!

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