Metrics Catalog Preview

Metrics Catalog Preview

July 3, 2009

A free and open site for the Metrics Catalog is up and running for your review and comment. You will need a browser with Javascript and Java enabled to view the Metrics Catalog.

Note that this web site is designed to provide three services:

  • A catalog of metric definitions (no measured results)
  • Dashboards of metric results derived from public sources and
  • A collection of useful resources for security metrics.//

Please provide feedback/suggestions about each of these services. If you are more interested in one, then don’t feel any obligation to look at or comment on the other.

The forum for comments is the MetricsCenter Google Group. A few key points, as you explore the site:

  • You can look but not change metric definitions. If you want to create your own catalog or modify the definitions of existing metrics in the catalog, you will need to obtain a free trial account on
  • While you can look at the catalog, resources and dashboards without logging in, you will need to log in to edit metric definitions, create surveys to collect metric results. and compose your own dashboards
  • In the MetricsCatalog UI, you need to double-click on a metric that is listed in order to zoom into its full definition.

The whole reason we are doing this is to get your feedback on the utility of such a site. We want feedback earlier rather than later. We also want some indication from you—our intended audience—that this effort is worthwhile. Comments, reactions, emails are all signs that we are doing something that has value—or, that people care enough to review and suggest improvement.

Enjoy and please provide your feedback. We will listen, I promise.

Elizabeth A. Nichols, Ph.D., CTO for Metrics, PlexLogic

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